RusPushnina - The new fur auction in St.Petersburg

On October 4, 2019, our company was renamed from Sojuzpushnina LLC to Ruspushnina LLC. We took this step without waiting for litigation with our former partners to prevent possible problems for our customers.
We will develop a new brand and make it wellknown!

Why our auction ?

Our company are in the fur market since July 2018. In cooperation with LLC " Auction Company "Sojuzpushnina" we held three auctions and achieved good results. We have plans to develop and improve the business. Despite our youth we have extensive experience in the preparation and conduct of auctions, a strong team with decades workings at auctions, support from participants and all the technical means for successful activity!

We invite for cooperation all suppliers and buyers

Our company continue operations and looking forward for coverage of market . We invite suppliers to conclude contracts for the season 2020 for the sales at our auctions. To conclude a contract, please contact to the company by e-mail or call +7 495 122-2354


Our new website will be constantly filled by information..

Please visit us later