Dear Suppliers

On behalf of company RusPushnina (previously LLC Soyuzpushnina) I would like to inform you about current situation and our intentions.

Unfortunately we were not able to negotiate with the new head of "AK Sojuzpushnina" company to continue cooperation in the upcoming season. None of the options ranging from joint auctions to rental of premises was accepted. We do not support the division of auction, suppliers and sable collection, but we were forced to take this step to preserve the future of the auction and fulfill obligations to our suppliers.

We announce a new auction in terms of January 26-February 1 and April 25-30, 2020 in St. Petersburg. The auction will be held on another special site. We have agreements for all organizational and technical tasks. We rented a cold storage and special, detached building for inspection, sorting and preparation of goods.

We have support of most suppliers of wild sable and have signed contracts for the new season for more than half of the goods volume.

We continue our work and are responsible for the remains of unsold last season goods. The goods are insured and moved to our storage. In season 2018/19 , the contracts and payments were carried by our company, previously called LLC Sojuzpushnina.

Please note that due to the changes, the fur auction in St. Petersburg will be held in two places and by two different companies:

  • LLC RusPushnina by the previous management and part of the auction staff
  • LLC Auction company Sojuzpushnina at the old site.

    We asking you for attention to the choice of the site and the conclusion of the contracts.

    If you are going to continue cooperation with our company, please confirm your intention. The contract form will be prepared and sent to you.

    I will be glad to answer your questions.

    Best Regards
    CEO RusPushnina company
    Alexey Plekhanov
    phone: +7 495 1222354